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I never liked working out before starting to train with Dominique His workout plans are fun and different every session and as my skills grew he would push me to new heights. If you are looking for a great trainer who helps you strengthen not only your body but mind as well through your personal body goals then Fortified Fitness is the place you. 

Hello I’m Shawntel. I went to Dominque at Fortified fitness to join a friend on her session. Shortly after the session was over, I decided to become part of the Fortified family. I was excited about starting my health and fitness journey. I knew this was something I really wanted and needed. I was unhappy with my stomach. I knew I needed to lose the unwanted body fat. I wanted to tone up and build muscle. I knew if I wanted to get results all my bad eating habits had to go. Since I started, training with Dominque 3 times a week. I’ve lost 32 pounds and 6 inches in my waistline. Consistency is the key. Even on the days I didn’t feel like going I still went. Dominque use to tell me, "I can’t shouldn’t be in your vocabulary".  My energy level increased dramatically. I have had a mobility issue with my knees which has improved. I look and feel amazing. Trust in the process, sometimes we just need that extra push. I like to call it tough love. I highly recommend Dominque to anyone who’s looking for a trainer, who goes above and beyond for his clients; and someone who helps you become the best version of yourself. Trust me it’s a good investment. 

I’ve been training with Dominique since July of 2020 and have seen a significant difference in my appearance. Weighed in at 140 and turned all my fat into muscle. Dominique has done a great job keeping me motivated throughout my fitness journey and continues to do so. He has given me allot of valuable information on eating healthy as well as helped me reach all of my fitness goals. You can tell he is very passionate at what he does by the way he listens to his clients and trains his clients based on their fitness level and goals.



Before & After